New Amazing Facts of Nature Prove Life Evolved (NOT)!

Inconceivable: Nesting pterodactyls (the flying reptiles) protected their clutch of eggs just like crocodiles do today.

Marvel of marvels: Fossil skulls of mammals prove ancient animals protected their brains with a skull just like modern animals.


Fantastic: ancient mammal-like animal had ankles just like all animals do today.


Phenomenal: Discovery of fossilized bone proves carnivores ate herbivores just like they do today!


Still more amazing: Ancient clams had parasites just like calms of today!

Wonderful: Ancient animals drowned in water just like animals do today.

Scientists prove that the fossil remains of animals that look like they ran probably did!


Shocking news: the animals that died in ancient catastrophes are dead but the animals that escaped lived to breed again!

Marvelous news: ancient cave men appeared to be men who lived in caves. It is thought that cave women may also have lived in caves and cooked supper for the male who, scientists believe, hunted food with weapons made by hand. Cave paintings once thought to be paintings on cave walls have been confirmed to be cave paintings and were made by cave people who liked to paint on cave walls.


And all of these vast discoveries prove evolution is a fact.  (Right?)

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