Fake news has become, for our country, the mainstay of journalism.  Phony claims of protected sources stir up controversy while the news deviously plots how to spin the story for greatest effect.  A war on conservative journalism is aimed at demolishing credibility, creating doubt, and terrorizing advertisers from using those channels.  Political correctness is used to manipulate ratings and enforce conformity to liberal ideas of anarchy, mischief, criminal activity and a certain insanity.

History is being rewritten by liberal Universities.  The country’s foundation of Judeo-Christian ethics and morality are being buried by highlighting a male-dominated society of predominantly white men; a class that is now suspect in every way as the originators of racism, genocide, greed, and misogyny. And this without touching the evidence that the liberal mind embraced all of these hateful attitudes first and foremost throughout our history.  If a liberal has a complaint, know that it stems from his own guilt in the matter.



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