Ghosts Explain the Universe: the Ghost Field Phenomenon.

The Big Bounce (like a rebounding - oscillating universe).

The Big Bounce (like a rebounding – oscillating universe).

iron out most wrinkles. However, tiny quantum fluctuations could be carried over from the previous universe to provide the seeds of large-scale structure.”

At any rate the new cosmology freely asserts that the ghost field of negative kinetic energy is physically unrealistic and “admits that this bounce model has its demons. For one, the ghost field is just a placeholder, and the true nature of the one that gave us a push is as mysterious as whatever would have driven inflation.”

Taming the Monstrous Nightmare!

Taming the Monstrous Nightmare!

While this model of ghosts in the machinery of the universe eliminates the monstrous nightmare of the unseen inflaton particle, it also eliminates the big bang altogether and never deals with the ever-expanding universe.  Nothing is said about how the universe collapses again to inaugurate the next generation universe from the ghost field.  Could it be that the edges of our unbounded universe hit the edge of bounded space and bounce backward with such force that space-time collapses upon itself until the ghost field emerges in the middle?

I suppose any guess is as good as another when science is no longer constrained by the laws of the known universe.  Hey!  Isn’t this the same as invoking miracles to explain the unexplainable?  If so, we are not far from the truth of the matter –  are we?

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